National Estate Sale Conference Schedule

We have coordinated workshops, exhibitors, meals, sessions, and events to inspire, nourish, and grow your business. Your breakfast and lunch will be provided by EstateSales.NET on both conference days. Breakfast will be served around 8:00 AM and lunch will be served around 12:00 PM.



Jan 28

9:15 AM

The Best Way to Build a Business That’s Bigger Than You

Keynote: Chris Hogan

The most effective business leaders know the importance of spending time working ON their business and less time working AT their business. Chris Hogan will explain why a leader’s ability to delegate properly is the most important factor to the growth of their business and will provide practical insights on the “What,” “Where,” and “How” of delegation. This session is for anyone who has ever said “I need three more of me.”

10:15 AM

Staging with a Statement

Janelle & Wen Stone

Janelle and Wen will share insider secrets to set your company apart from the competition and provide you with the skills to carry it out. They'll teach you the basics of staging, arranging, photographing, and re-staging every sale.

11:15 AM

A Novel Model: Small Sales Big Profits

Lance Landers

Come and learn how this new business model allowed Lance’s company to conduct hundreds of sales in just two years.

11:45 AM

Online Estate Sales: Using Technology to Tap into New Markets and Increase Profitability

Vincent Olivares

Have you ever considered an online estate sale as an alternative to a traditional estate sale? Join Vincent Olivares, of Rust Belt Revival in Cleveland, OH, to learn how online estate sales can increase profits, benefit clients & introduce your sales to new markets.

1:45 PM

Creative Problem Solving

2:15 PM

Tips & Traps of a Fine Art Market

Gene Evans

Gene will provide tools to help identify and value fine art. He will help you cut through the clutter, so you can distinguish fine art from the more common mass produced pieces.

3:15 PM

Panel: Let’s Talk High-End Sales

Berenice Denton I Michael Fry I Janelle Stone

Do you currently do high-end sales or are you interested in becoming a company that specializes in them? We’re gathering three very reputable high-end estate sale company owners together to share their secrets with you. They’ll be discussing their journey, brand narratives, challenges, and so much more.

4:00 PM

Clarify Your Message So Customers Will Listen: How the Power of Story Can Grow Your Business

Keynote: Tim Arnold

Most leaders, marketers, salespeople and managers struggle to explain what they do. It's not because they aren't smart, hard-working or likable, it's because they aren't communicating clearly. StoryBrand helps companies understand what customers are looking for so they can tell their story in such a way people listen. The human brain is drawn to CLARITY and away from confusion. If customers are confused about what you offer, they'll look past you for somebody who can say it clearly. Once you clarify your message, your company will begin to grow.

6:00 PM

Conference Reception



Jan 29

9:10 AM

Team Dynamics: How Company Culture Can be a Secret Weapon

Michael Fry

We all want great team members who care about our company and its clients. By intentionally building a life giving, positive culture into the DNA of your business you will retain talent, increase efficiency, and drive customer satisfaction.

9:40 AM

Establishing Expectations: The Key to Smooth Estate Sale-ing

Amanda Giustiniani

Amanda Giustiniani will walk you through the process of setting proper expectations for clients. We all know that if the client isn’t happy, nobody is happy. She will give you tips and tricks on how not to over promise and under deliver.

11:00 AM

Blast Off! Prioritizing for a Successful Start Up

Joe Aboubakr

There are so many important decisions and commitments you make when you start your own estate sale business, Joe wants to help point you in the right direction. He’ll be covering the essentials needed to put your company in a direction for success. Everything from online presence, employees, brand recognition and sale day must-haves will be discussed.

11:30 AM

Pivoting for a Changing Market with Millennials and Gen Zs

Barbara Jersey

We cannot count on baby boomers for mass purchases like we have for the last 40 years. We have to do something we never had to do before, build a customer base. Barbara is excited to introduce you to the new generations and give you ideas to attract them for good.

1:30 PM

Art & Antique Assets – Determining Value in Today’s Changing Market

Sarah Drury

When you walk into a client's house for the first time, can you pick out the most valuable object at first glance? Even homeowners may not realize which of their belongings have grown (or declined) in value. Sarah’s presentation will offer an overview of the current market for art and antiques plus expert tips to help in sorting trash from treasure!

2:00 PM

Auction Houses: How, When & Why

Mark Prendergast

Mark with his 20+ years of auction house experience would like to share with you why using an auction house for particular items can be beneficial for your client and your company. He’ll cover how to use an action house, why to use one, and when.

2:50 PM

Panel: Walk Us Through Your Weekend: Advertising Through the Sale Ending

Panelist TBA

This panel will cover topics from advertising your sales all the way to the sale’s cleanup. Some of those items include inventory management, handling sale volume, additional services used to make your sale process smoother, POS systems and their benefits, and so much more.

3:20 PM

Where to Go from Here

Nathan Kilbourn

4:00 PM

Influence Your World

Keynote: Connie Dieken

Some of the most successful leaders around the world are using influence to change minds, behaviors, and outcomes for lasting results. Connie will cover three habits you can use to influence your clients and team. She’ll discuss ways to balance those habits to help build your influence as a leader in the estate sale industry.


We don’t plan on changing up the topics and times, but please note that they are subject to change.



Jan 27

9:00 AM

Marketing Boot Camp

Matt Ellison

Are you reaching as many potential customers as possible? Are you sure? This workshop will cover the basics and then some when it comes to marketing your sale and yourself.

1:30 PM

Landing the Client & Life Saving Contracts

Michael Fry

This two-for-one workshop experience will give you all the tools you need to both land your client and ensure a successful relationship with a well written contract. Part one, Landing the Client, will teach you what you need to stand out from the crowd, and nail your client interview. Awesome! But then what? Well, part two, Life Saving Contracts, will go over what to include in a contract to protect yourself, your business and your clients.

Note that the January 27th workshops are not included in the conference ticket. They require additional registration/fees.